Hiking & Walking Boots - Re-sole and Sole Repair
Hiking & Walking Boots – Re-sole and Sole Repair
Example Shoe Sole Units

Vibram Jankuatt – Black

Vibram Foura – Black

Vibram Marmolada – Black

Vibram Mulaz – Black

Vibram Teton – Black

Vibram Tsavo – Black

Vibram Grizzly 8mm Heels – Black

Hiking Boot Resole & Repairs.

Vibram Sole Units - Black / Beige - Hiking Boots £61.00
Vibram Moulded Midsole Units Black £71.00
Vibram Sole Units for Mountaineering/Plastic Boots £69.00
Vibram Grizzly Heels £29.00
Additional extra work with resoling Price Per Pair
New Midsoles per pair £20.00
Toe Rands per pair £12.00
Full Re-Randing per pair £18.00
Lace Hooks / D-rings Please contact us

Don’t be fooled – Our prices shown are WHAT YOU PAY! Many of our competitors will charge you extra to get your shoes repaired within a few days. What you see is what you pay, AND we offer a genuine fast 5-day* service…

(*Subject to change due to Covid19 & supply issues – please check the top of the page for up-to-date turnaround times)

How to Order

  • Open the HIKING/WALKING BOOT REPAIR ORDER FORM.PDF and print it out.
  • Complete all relevant sections.
  • If you cannot print the Order Form please send in a cover note with all the relevant details that would have been on the form.
  • You have 2 options for payment
  • 1. Bank Transfer. This method is the most popular and is free. Our bank details can be found on the Order Form.
  • 2. Enclose a Cheque / Make cheque payable to ‘Cheshire Shoe Repairs’.
  • Don’t forget to enclose the order form and cheque in your parcel, along with any sketches or additional instructions.

Fast Turnaround

We pride ourselves on providing a 5-day turnaround* for your re-sole or repair. (*Subject to change – please check the top of the page for up-to-date info)

UK’s Most Trusted

We are one of the UK’s most trusted & reputable climbing shoes & hiking boot repair experts with over 40 years experience.

In Safe Hands

Member of Society of Master Shoe Repairers (MSA) with over forty years experience. All our repairs are guaranteed.

2 Easy Ways To Pay

We take payment by Bank Transfer or by Cheque (yes, we still take these!)

For a Fast 5 Day Turnaround* & Low Prices…

NOTE: ​Our current turnaround is 8-12 days + postage timeCONTACT US