Hiking & Walking Boots - Re-sole and Sole Repair
Hiking & Walking Boots – Re-sole and Sole Repair
Example Shoe Sole Units

Vibram Jankuatt – Black

Vibram Foura – Black

Vibram Marmolada – Black

Vibram Mulaz – Black

Vibram Teton – Black

Vibram Tsavo – Black

Vibram Grizzly 8mm Heels – Black

Hiking Boot Resole & Repairs.

Vibram Sole Units Black / Beige Hiking Boots £57.00
Midsole Units Black £67.00
Vibram Sole Units for Mountaineering/Plastic Boots £65.00
Vibram Grizzly Heels £25.00
Additional Work Extra with resoling Price Per Pair
New Midsoles per pr £20.00
Toe Rands per pr £12.00
Full Re-Randing per pr £20.00
Lace Hooks & D-rings please contact
Laces (Flat/Round) 100cm 120cm 140cm 150cm 180cm £3.50

Don’t be fooled – Our prices shown are WHAT YOU PAY! Many of our competitors will charge you extra for the return postage and/or a premium to get your shoes repaired within a few days. What you see is what you pay, AND we offer a genuine fast 5-day service…

How to Order

  • Open the HIKING/WALKING BOOT REPAIR ORDER FORM.PDF and print it out.
  • Complete all relevant sections.
  • If you cannot print the Order Form please send in a cover note with all the relevant details that would have been on the form.
  • You have 2 options for payment
  • 1. Bank Transfer. This method is the most popular and is free. Our bank details can be found on the Order Form.
  • 2. Enclose a Cheque / Make cheque payable to ‘Cheshire Shoe Repairs’.
  • Don’t forget to enclose the order form and cheque in your parcel, along with any sketches or additional instructions.

Fast Turnaround

Unlike some competitors, we do not charge extra for a speedy (or ‘Express) service. Ours is a 5 day turnaround.

No Hidden Extras

We offer a fast and reliable postal service, our competitive prices are inclusive of return postage within the UK.

In Safe Hands

Member of Society of Master Shoe Repairers (MSA) with over forty years experience. All our repairs are guaranteed.

2 Easy Ways To Pay

We take payment by Bank Transfer or by Cheque (yes, we still take these!)

For a Fast 5 Day Turnaround & Low Prices…

Our POSTAL SERVICE REMAINS OPEN but due to restrictions our turnaround times are currently 5 to 8 days until further notice.CONTACT US